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You Need More Than A Maid

You Need a Professional!

Let’s get one thing over with up front. We’re not knocking maids. They provide valuable services and they’re (usually) great people. It’s just that many people think maids do the same thing professional cleaning services do… and they just don’t. How are they different? Be patient, we’re getting to that!

Declutter vs. Deep Clean

Where maids shine is in taking a house that’s untidy and making it tidy. So, picking up toys and trash, organizing things, light dusting. It’s useful, if basic, decluttering you could probably do yourself… if you had time.

Professional cleaning services take a house that’s unclean and make it clean. Shampooing carpets, scrubbing down bathrooms and kitchens, cleaning all the blinds, ceiling fans, and pesky air vents. We do all the things that people forget or–let’s face it–pass over because there are other things that have to get done.

Take a look around and–if you’re human and don’t have 48 hours in a day–you’ll probably find things that could be cleaner. No judgment here, we’re not your mother-in-law. But, if you find some things could be better, you need more than a maid.

Now, if you decide you need a professional, you’re going to want someone reliable, responsive, and responsible in your home. That’s just common sense. And, while there are other professional cleaning services out there, we can safely say we’re one of the few that has permanent staff which tick all three of those boxes.

Curious? You can absolutely check out our full slate of residential services here:

Commercial-Grade Clean

In the home, you may be able to get by with maid services if you’re willing to put in the hardest work yourself. However, that’s really just not an option for businesses.

As good as maid services are at what they do, they’re simply not designed for commercial enterprises. If you own a business, you need more than a maid, you need a professional!

Only a professional service can keep your office, clinic, shop, salon, or gym clean enough to please your customers and the health inspector.

Fortunately, we offer a full slate of commercial cleaning services you can read about here: .

Plus, call us and that’s all the effort you have to put in. We employ fully trained, wholly professional, full-time staff. Not contractors. There’s no guessing whether or not we’ll show up. No worrying about the job we’ll do. Call us and cross it off your list.

So, take a look around, see what we can take off your plate. You need more than a maid, you need a professional.

Call us. (751) 641-9623

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