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Save That Security Deposit!

Move In and Move Out Cleaning Services

For renters and landlords alike, there’s no time more stressful than turnover. That terrifying, liminal space between an apartment being “theirs” and being “yours”. For renters on their way out, there’s the stress of moving your whole life to a new location and worrying about whether you’ll be seeing that security deposit coming back. For landlords, there’s a real fear of what you’ll see when you open the door for the first time in a year… or years.

Fortunately, there’s one solution–for renters and landlords–that can help renters save that security deposit and help landlords take the stress out of turnover. Professional cleaning services.

For Renters!

Anybody that has ever moved knows it’s a struggle just to get all your stuff packed and on the way to the next place. So, why worry about cleaning to boot? Well, most leases have clauses that allow your landlord to keep your security deposit if the rental is not satisfactorily clean when you leave. This can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars and seriously impact your ability to put down a security deposit at the next place.

So, save that security deposit! Professional cleaning services like Cleaning Cents provide turnover services which can take charge of the cleaning. That way, you can focus on getting your move on and still get your security deposit back.

For Landlords!

Dear Landlords, we hear you. We know that you’re left with your rental property in whatever state your renter decides to leave it. And, all too frequently, that security deposit doesn’t come close to covering the damages. A professional cleaning service like Cleaning Cents can help you quickly and efficiently return your property to the condition your next renter will expect, saving you considerable time and hassle.

We’ve got your backs for deep cleans to help you bring your revenue stream back online fast. And it’s all at reasonable rates so you can save that security deposit, too.

For Everyone!

A professional cleaning service efficiently takes the stress out of your space whether you’re still moving from place to place or you’ve found your forever home. Let us take out the mess so you can make the most of it! Give us a call, we answer! 757-641-9623.

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