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Get the Clean You Expect with Cleaning Cents: Why It Pays to Go Pro

Professional Staff

Here’s a dirty little secret about the cleaning industry you need to know. In most cases, cleaning services don’t have regular staff. They farm out cleaning tasks to subcontractors they barely know.

At Cleaning Cents, we don’t do that. No. We employ professional staff who we know, who we’ve trained, and who we trust. Unlike those other guys, we wouldn’t send anyone to your home or business we wouldn’t trust in ours. That’s why it pays to go pro.

Because our staff is fully trained and our company is licensed and insured, you always get the clean you expect. Always.

It All Starts with Training…

We don’t send just anyone to your door. We bring committed professionals on staff. Then, we don’t assume they know their stuff, we train them. Every cleaner completes 20+ hours of training in professional cleaning techniques and standards before they ever set foot inside a home or business. That’s how we can always guarantee you’ll get the clean you expect.

You’ll see the difference. Not just in the way your place looks, but how easy it is to set up appointments, getting used to cleaners showing up on time, and–if anything within reason isn’t to your satisfaction–seeing it fixed. That’s why it pays to go pro.

…Then We Train Some More

Honestly, we probably could do those 40 hours of initial training and stop. We don’t do that. Nope. How could we ever guarantee you’ll get the clean you expect if we did?

Once the training is over, the work starts, and the training keeps on coming. We are committed to continuing education on the latest trends, cleaning techniques, and–something that you might not think of–chemical safety.

Mixed in the wrong way, everyday household cleaners are dangerous. As in, “Everyone Out Now!”, dangerous. That’s why every Cleaning Cents employee goes through comprehensive chemical safety training. Chemical safety training, we should mention, is not something the subcontractors of other companies get. That’s also why it pays to go pro.

We Actually Show Up

Why bring up that we show up? It’s the very least we can do, right? Which is why we continue to be surprised that–usually about once a week–we get new business from someone who is surprised and delighted that we just picked up the phone or showed up for a cleaning. Other cleaning companies that use temps or subcontractors don’t. Which is fine. We’ll take that business, and we’ll actually show up.

So, when you call us, you can always expect to talk to a real, live human. You can expect setting up an appointment to go quickly and smoothly. You can expect we’ll always show up when we say we will. And, you’ll always get the clean you expect. That’s why it pays to go pro.

Not Just Clean, But Covered

Peace of Mind. When we get right down to it, that’s what Cleaning Cents is trying to give you. We handle the stress and the mess, you get to focus on the important things in life. And that’s why we’re also fully insured. So that you know, in the unlikely event something would go wrong, you’re not left with the stress and the mess. That’s not something anyone with fly-by-night subcontractors can say, and that’s why it pays to go pro. That’s why it pays to pick Cleaning Cents.

Call Us, We Answer: 757-641-9623

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