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Flu Season Cleaning Tips

Kick Sickness Out of Your Home

The cold, hard truth is that November is just around the corner. For many areas of the country, that means months of being cooped up indoors. It also means that the cold and flu season is on its way. And, while there’s no way to sure-fire guarantee your home won’t be visited by the sniffles this winter, here are a few simple ways you can shoo the germs away.

Clean High-Touch Areas Frequently

Most of us have become fairly familiar with the concept of routine sterilization through our time in the pandemic lockdowns, but it’s a note that bears repeating. High-touch areas in your home such as doorknobs, faucets, and any handrails, tables, or countertops can really not be cleaned too often. This is doubly true for those of us with family members who go to shared workspaces or schools daily.

A quick antimicrobial spray and wipe down with a clean rag of any of these surfaces daily can help slow the spread of bacteria and viruses. If you simply don’t have time for these quick daily cleans, you can still have an impact by following the tips below and perhaps cleaning high-touch areas once a week.

Have a Designated Drop Zone for Outside Gear

Hats, coats, bags, shoes–whatever goes outside the house should have a designated place inside the house where it goes. This should, preferably, be a closet near to the front door. Not only does this help keep the rest of the house neat, but it also has potential health benefits as well.

All the bacteria and viruses your family picks up come from outside the house. Having a designated location inside for all things brought in from outside makes keeping harmful elements out of the rest of the house easier. It also makes it less likely that things like bags, coats, and shoes will be interacted with throughout the day.

It can also be beneficial to clean the place you store any items you take outside more often than you clean the rest of your home.

Change Up Routines to Beat the Flu

We get it. Bad habits are hard to break and good habits are hard to start. Fortunately, changing up your routine to avoid sickness doesn’t have to be particularly hard. Get the whole household in the habit of washing hands when they get home. Get those showers in every day. Commit to keeping shared spaces cleaner. Small changes can make big differences.

Ultimately, nothing can guarantee you will have a sickness-free winter. With these tips, however, you’re much closer to having a season without the sniffles. Good luck!

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