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Choosing the Best Vacuum

Get the Best for Your Budget and Needs

The world of vacuum cleaners can get bewildering, real fast. What’s the best type? Bagged or Bagless? Corded or Cordless? Which has the best reviews? Which reviews are real? Your time is valuable, so we’re going to cut through all that and go straight to what we–as professional cleaners–know and trust to clean house after house thoroughly. Hands down, it’s Shark vacuums.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a paid promo. We pay them for their products. We’re happy to give them our recommendation. Why? Because they work. And, if they work well enough to get dozens of houses professionally clean every week, they should get your place clean enough for your mother-in-law’s next visit.

Plus, Shark vacuums typically come with a 5-year warranty. (This is definitely not an industry standard, by the way. Most other companies seem to have a policy more along the lines of “you break it, you bought it”.)

Now, if you still need more information, maybe you really do want to get down to the nitty gritty of vacuums, read on!

Which Vacuum Has the Best Reviews?

We get it. When picking the best vacuum, you might want to check reviews. We spend a lot of time checking reviews too! We don’t mind if you check up on our research. One of our favorite resources is Buyer’s, and they seem to share our love of Shark products. Check out their review on a Shark upright here: They gave it a perfect “10”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Now, sure, the same source gave the Shark the #2 spot on their “top-10” list of vacuums , not the #1. But, since their top pick has a .8L dust bin instead of a 2.1L dust bin like the Shark… well… they must just like emptying dust bins more frequently than we do.

Oh, and the under $200 price tag doesn’t hurt.

Bagged Vacuums… or Bagless?

Should you go bagged, or bagless? Really, this isn’t the question you should be asking. You should ask whether you want to catch more dust and do less maintenance, but spend more money (bagged). Or, whether you’re okay catching a little less dust and doing a bit more maintenance to save money (bagless).

For a more thorough examination of the difference, check out Vacuum Warehouses’ blog on the topic: . Remember, also, that bagless is definitely the trending style. It may be difficult to find a bagged model that meets all your other specifications.

Corded Vacuums… or Cordless?

We can break this decision all the way down to–how often do I have to transport my vacuum? Cordless vacuums have a definite advantage in transportability as they are far lighter and easier to pack in a vehicle. However, in virtually every other way, corded vacuums are still better. You do have to unplug and plug the vacuum in virtually every time you go to a new room, but you don’t have to worry about running out of charge, whether or not your battery is charged for surprise messes (the kind kids and pets leave behind constantly), or how much suction your run-down battery is going to deliver.

Add to the above that cordless vacuums are usually 1. More expensive, 2. Have less capacity, and 3. Usually run for less than an hour on a charge, and it becomes harder and harder to justify a cordless vacuum for in-home use. Still, you do you! Take a look at this article for all the dirt on corded vs. cordless!

Closing Thoughts on Cleaning

It can be difficult to cut through the noise, the false reviews, and the endless debates to get to what you really want… a clean house. Bottom line, we advise starting with Shark vacuums, going bagless, and picking a corded model.

Or, if you’re looking for a deep clean where you aren’t the one having to do the actual cleaning, we will happily bring our vacuums over and get your house sparkling for you! Just give us a call at 757-641-9623. We’ll take care of the rest while you get some rest.

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