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Cleaning Professionals are NOT Unskilled Staff

Dear Google, You’ve Got It Wrong

Strap in, friends, it’s about to get wild. Recently, Cleaning Cents found out that Google lists Cleaning Professionals as “Unskilled Staff.” Well, dear Google, you’ve got it wrong! Not just anybody can show up to a house, put on some gloves, and be a professional cleaner. It doesn’t work that way. It takes attention to detail, a sharp mind, a solid work ethic, and–absolutely–skill.

Attention to Detail IS A Skill

The first skill a professional cleaner has to have is attention to detail. Google seems to think we just run a vacuum cleaner back and forth a few times and call it done. Yeah... No. Google, apparently, would miss getting behind the furniture and under the rugs. They’d miss the scuffs on the baseboards and the dust on the blinds.

A professional cleaner finds the things other people overlook, and that’s a skill you develop over time. Details make the difference, and that seems to be a detail Google has overlooked.

Chemical Safety and Interpersonal Skills

Trust us, knowing the difference between bleach and ammonia and why you NEVER mix them is a skill. And, for our cleaning professionals, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Cleaning Cents provides extensive chemical safety education to our cleaning professionals to develop their skills.

Plus, cleaning professionals also have to have sharp interpersonal skills so they can remember every client and their preferences. Google doesn’t know whether you like your floors cleaned with lemon or pine scent or how you like all your household decorations positioned. Our cleaning professionals do. That’s a skill.

A Solid Work Ethic IS A Skill

It’s crazy how many people don’t seem to know that cleaning all day, every day, is really hard work. That it’s not something most people can just dive into and get started. It takes experience and expertise to do. That’s why we hire staff, not temporary contracts. Cleaning Cents cleaning professionals are going to show up every day and get the job done right every day because they are professionals.

So, while Google might want to keep that outdated “blue collar/white collar” divide in there as long as possible and label cleaning professionals as “unskilled”, our cleaning professionals are anything but.

EVERY Job is “Skilled”

Dear Google, name one job you can do over time and never get better at. It doesn’t exist. Every job you perform, the more often you repeat it, the better you get. Every job is “skilled.” The sooner we acknowledge that, the better.

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